Cats with big ears
Cats with big ears

Cats with big ears could very well be the most adorable animals in the universe. These very special breeds that this unique big ear features are some of the most popular and sought out cat breeds in the world. If you are considering bringing a new feline family member into your household, this is a list you won’t want to miss.

Pacific Tail's Most Adorable Cats With Big Ears

1. Abyssinian

Cats with big ears


The Abyssinian big ear cat is one the popular cat breeds in the United States, and an absolute adorable cat. Although the roots of the breed seem to lead back to Great Britain, their similarity to the paintings and sculptures of ancient Egyptian cats leads to some controversy over their origins.

2. Cornish Rex

Cats with big ears

Cornish Rex

For the Cornish Rex, being labeled as a big ear cat might just be an understatement. Originating from Cornwall, England, their distinctive egg shaped egg head even extenuates their already big ears more. The Cornish Rex is a sturdy breed cat, that is quite active and perfect for those who want a cat that participates in family life.

3. Devon Rex

Cats with big ears

Devon Rex

The Devon Rex’s over sized big ears and large eyes is an adorable combination that is impossible to ignore. Often said to exhibit dog like qualities, they are often known to follow their owners around the house keeping them company all day long. Originating from Devonshire, England these adorable felines are quick to learn tricks and always up for games.

4. Ocicat

Cats with big ears


Although this Ocicat is named after a small South American wild Ocelot, this cat is all domestic. This big ear cat was created through crosses between Abyssinian. American Shorthair and Siamese breeds. Their magnificent spots turn heads everywhere they go. Large and athletic, this beautiful animal comes in 12 colors and is very active.

5. Oriental

Cats with big ears


These big ear Oriental cats were originally bred and developed from the Siamese breed. After generations, breeders were basically able to create cats that looked exactly like Siamese but in hundreds of different colors and patterns. With equally colorful personalities these amazing cats are welcome to any household.

6. Savannah

Cats with big ears


With the look of a wild cat, the big ear Savannah is definitely a head turner. This spotted breed was started in the 1980’s by breeding the offspring of cats like Oriental shorthair, Ocicats and Egyptian Mais. This attractive breed, which many say have a cheetah like appearance, holds the Guinness Book World Record for the world’s tallest domestic cat.

7. Singapura

Cats with big ears


Singapura is actually the Malaysian word for Singapore, where this breed originates. Often mistaken as an Abyssinian, this beautiful cat is said to look a lot like small cougars. This noticeably smaller breed of cat is ideal for emphasizing this big, beautiful cute ears.

7. Sphyx

Cats with big ears


This breed was born out of Toronto, Canada. Originally discovered as a genetic mutation, the Sphynx cat was so unique that it was purposely bred. The Sphynx’s hairless body often distracts attention from its other feature, big ears. Made most famous in recent years in the Austin Power comedy movies, this beautiful animal is sure to be the subject of many conversations when brought into your home.

8. Siamese

Cats with big ears Siamese


This beautiful big ear cat, famous for its matching feet, ears, and nose color, is a distinctive and elegant breed native to Thailand (formally known as Siam). The Siamese cat is so renowned that it is commonly used as the stock breed for other breeds like the Oriental. This breed is highly intelligent and well known for it’s affectionate and social nature.


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