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Looking for Bengals cats for sale? When considering bringing a Bengal cat into your home, one of the first considerations will be your choice of Bengal cat breeder or cattery. Before you bring in this new family member into your home, you will need to ensure that you select an experienced, qualified and professional breeder.

Asking as many questions as possible should be the first step. The cat buyer guide has a very informative article on what to consider and what questions to ask when engaging with a potential breeder.

Bishop Bengal Cats for Sale

Bishops Bengals

Bishops Bengals, located in California, is a small cattery aiming to only breed the best Bengal Cats. They specialize in leopard spotted Bengals, and the breeder Karen Waugaman-Pereira has a clear love of animals.

Beginning with a passion for horses, Karen managed a horse ranch with over 50 head of Arabian Horses. With a background in animal health from Cal Poly University, she lead her team doing artificial insemination, foaling and other routine vet care. Karen also worked at an Animal rescue were she worked with injured and abandoned wildlife. Her love for animals oozes out of her impressive resume, having bred and raised a variety of animals from chameleons, Gouldian Finches, Persian cats, and different breeds of dogs. It’s easily understood that any animal under the care of Karen Waugaman-Pereira, is raised with nurturing love.

Bishop Bengals facilities are very impressive for a boutique cattery. The purpose build quarters for the Bengals are large and clean with lots of room to play and move. However are the kittens are raised inside Karen’s home, allowing her personal time to nuture them from a young age and giving them the social and human interactions skills you so desperately want in new pet. All the facilities are well built, clean, and maintained. The entire complex is nestled into a the beautiful coastline between LA and San Fransisco, all beautifully maintained with beautiful grass, trees and shrub.

At the time of this article Bishops Bengals only had one Queen and five beautiful Kings. As a popular breeder, there is waiting list application for the litters. So if you are interested in Bengal cats on sale, I’d act fast to get your name on her waiting list.

Bishops Bengals is a licensed hobby breeder: permit number 12-003656

With over twenty years of breeding experience, Bishop Bengals would be the first stop we make to visit on this journey to find the best Bengal cats for sale.

Best Bengal Cat Breeder

Aristocat Bengal

Aristocat Bengal is a North Carolina Bengal cat breeder of exotic Bengal Kittens. Not only are they a top level breeder, but also boast a specialization in obedience training. Bengal cats are some of the most intelligent of cats, and Aristocat Bengal kittens will know at least 12-15 commands like sit, shake, or stay.

We believe that the Bengal cat breeder you choose should exude their love for animals, and at Aristocat Bengals it shows in how their Bengal cats are raised. Treated like a part of their family, they have their own rooms for sleeping and free roam the grounds during the day. Aristocat never cage their Bengals or their Bengal kittens.

As many, if not most, Bengal cat breeders are home-based businesses there is always a concern about the environments the cats are raised in. Aristocat Bengal exceeds our expectations with their two purpose-built outdoor enclosures. These truly amazing playgrounds give you the confidence that their Bengal cats are raised in a truly happy environment. These enclosures are very large, with lots of climbing and perching areas, and even have a Swiss Chalet and a beautiful rock waterfall fountain with constant running water. These enclosures being outdoors connects their Bengal cats to nature, and with lighting at night, it’s the perfect time for the Bengals to chase crickets and lighting bugs.

At the time of this article, they list 3 Kings and 6 Queens and many Bengal cats for sale.

Aristocat’s Bengal Cat Price

Their Bengal cat pricing is not listed as each one would be on a case by case basis, however, they do have a clearly defined pricing criteria based on the patterns, markings, and rosettes.

All in all, for those searching for Bengal cats for sale, Aristocat is an amazing choice.

Rising Sun Farm Best Bengal Cat Breeders

Rising Sun Farm Bengal Cat Breeders

The Rising Sun Farm is one Bengal cat breeder really shows a true love for animals and takes their business seriously. Established in 1996, this Bengal cat breeder not only breeds cats but also Border Collies and Australian Shephards as well.

When searching for a breeder, a top consideration would always be the treatment of their animals and their breeding facilities. The Rising Sun Farm exceeds all expectations when it comes to this, as their 6 acre Hobby Farm seems more like a resort haven for animals. Wide open fields and meadows grace their little animal oasis, with plenty of room for animals to run and play. The farm boasts specialized areas for training, and play, as well as a safe and clean separation from the livestock as it is a working farm.

At the time of this article, they list 7 Kings and 19 Queens that range in age. The oldest being born in 2011, to many born between 2014-2016. They seem to always have Bengal cats for sale all through out the year.

The owner operators, Becky and Steve, live on site and have over 25 years experience in the business. Becky is also a certified ASCA and AHBA judge.

There is no doubt the Rising Sun Farm is a professional, experienced and animal loving operation. For anyone searching for Bengal cats for sale, the Rising Sun Farm Bengal cat breeders should be at the top of the list.

Bengal Cat Prices

Top Quality Pet: $1200 – $2,000 and up depending on markings and coloration

Top Quality Breeders: $3000 – $4500

Show Breeders: $3,000 – $4,000

Silver/Snow Show Breeders: $3,000

Silver Breeders: $3,000 and up

Mink Pet: $1400 and up depending on markings.

Mink Breeders: $4,000

Show Alter: $1,300 – $2,000

F2 Kittens Pets: $2,500-2,800 ~ Breeders: $4,000


Top Quality Pet: $200

Show/Alter: $500

* — All deposits are non-refundable.


For more information please visit their website:


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