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Do cats like riding in strollers? The answer is yes! Once you purchase a cat stroller, believe us, your feline baby will be so happy.

A cat stroller is a modern and innovative solution for anyone who’d like to take a pet for long walks. It’s a great alternative if you own an old or disabled pet. With a cat stroller, your kitty will enjoy the great outdoors more than ever.

8. What Features Should You Consider before Buying a Cat Stroller?

When it comes to choosing the right cat stroller, it’s sometimes difficult to make the final decision. Therefore you should consider various factors and collect as much useful info as possible. And it’s always appreciated to hear more opinions on using a stroller.

Before buying a stroller, ask yourself what are your needs. Are you planning long or short walks? Will you use it on a daily basis? Will you use it on paved areas and sidewalks or more rough terrain? What is the size of your pet? Would you like to stroll a single pet or several? Are you often carry extra items for your pet and your personal belongings?

These are all important questions which finally lead to the crucial factors when choosing a cat stroller.

Durability and Sturdiness

The quality, durability, and sturdiness are the most important things to consider when buying a stroller. You have to be sure that wheels and materials will withstand long or frequent walks or bumpy terrain.

Sometimes it’s best to purchase a more expensive model because of high-quality strollers surely worth every cent. A stroller in the good condition means safety and fewer concerns.


A cozy, padded bottom is one of the most important features. You want your cat to enjoy the ride and feel comfortable and pleasant. If your kitty decides to take a nap, a bolster or foam pad will work perfectly.


With innovative features of modern strollers, there are no worries about the safety of your cat. Mesh windows allow the air circulation inside the cabin, but will also prevent your cat from escaping. Leashes inside the cabin are useful as well, so as rear security brakes.

Ergonomics For The Owner’s Comfort

A cat’s companion – that means you- should also feel comfortable during the walk. The ergonomic handle, for example, will allow you to walk at a normal, comfortable pace, keeping your body in a correct and healthy position.

High-quality design and extra features such as cup holders, storage spaces, pockets or quick folding mechanism will eliminate any possible difficulties and hassles. A smart-folding mechanism, portability and an easy storage are essential factors that will maximize your own comfort.

BestPet All Terrain Extra Wide 3 Wheels Cat Stroller

If you have a Garfield-sized cat or you own an entire feline family, there’s no reason to leave them at home when you going out! This PetGear Expedition Stroller can carry the weight up to 150 pounds!

Since it has two entries and rides low to the ground, it’s great for old or injured pets. With these innovative design, your pet can get in or our very conveniently. And once your pet is inside, it will feel comfortable on the soft interior pad.

This stroller is quite durable thanks to the quality goods and a sturdy frame. Despite its size, it’s easy to maneuver and fold. Plastic wheels are large and firm, while the front ones have the ability to swivel.

Not to mention the large mesh openings that allow great panoramic views for your feline babies. They will simply enjoy riding together in this cozy and spacious stroller.

But you will enjoy too! Ergonomic handle with adjustable height position is designed to make strolling easier and more comfortable.

BestPet All Terrain Extra Wide 3 Wheels Cat Stroller

If you’re planning an off-road walk, or you wish to take your feline baby to the beach perhaps, this is the perfect solution for you.

This BestPet All Terrain cat or pet stroller is specially designed to endure all sorts of terrain. With this durable stroller, you can stroll your pet on the sand, pebble, rocky terrains, and even snow. There are almost no limits when comes to the BestPet All Terrain stroller! Three sturdy wheels are perfect for bumpy terrains.

The stroller has two openings, front and rear, and three mesh windows. These windows will provide the proper air ventilation inside the stroller. It will also prevent bugs from getting inside and your cat from sneaking out!

The stroller uses fiber zippers which are less prone to breaking. All the joints are made of nylon instead of plastic. The weight capacity is 30 pounds.

BestPet All Terrain 3 Wheels stroller comes in a very popular print – leopard skin. It also includes many useful features like large storage basket, waterproof cover, cup holders etc.

This stroller is so easy to store – it’s a snap to assemble. You will need only 5 seconds to fold it!

Pet Gear Happy Trails Plus Pet Stroller

Pet Gear Happy Trails Cat Stroller makes amazing products for our furry friends that offers a great quality and durability. It is quite practical and functional, but it also has an attractive and eye-catching design.

This stroller is mainly suitable for pets up to 30 pounds. The stroller itself weighs 13 pounds, with  dimensions of 24 inches in length,  12 inches wide and 23 inches high.

Weather cover is sold separately, but it is a perfect guard during rainy days. The waterproof interior pad with a removable liner is soft and cozy, but if you want to add an additional layer of softness, an extra pad can fit easily.

Front wheels have the ability to swivel and they absorb shock very well, so your cat won’t be disturbed by unpleasant shocks during strolls on a rough terrain. With mesh windows, which provide the air circulation, your cat will be able to breathe in the clean air.

The Smart-fold mechanism allows you to quickly pack your cat stroller and store it almost anywhere. It fit perfectly into the trunk of a car.

This pet stroller comes in a variety of shades: Cobalt Blue, Pink Ice and Sahara with a sandy shade.

Promenade Cat Stroller

Gen7Pets Promenade Stroller is a sturdy and functional stroller with a great design. It looks great, but it’s practical and functional too!

Wheels are extremely sturdy with the ability to absorb shocks really well. Thereby these durable wheels are highly adaptable to different terrains, even rough ones.

The stroller withstands the weight of 60 pounds which means you can stroll more than one kitty at once! Inside the spacious cabin of dimensions 25″ long, 13″ wide, 21.5″ high your pet will have a plenty of space. When unfolded, the dimensions of the stroller are 40″ H, 37″ L, 20″ W.

Mesh canopy is removable and it easily opens up, allowing you to see your pet. When opened, it gives more space to your beloved pet. Besides this top access point, the stroller has two additional mesh openings.

Smart-Reach handle is ergonomically designed which means it provides you a healthy body position while strolling. Your personal belongings are quite safe within The Smart-Basket, enclosed with a rear zipper.

One thing worth mentioning is a fashionable and stylish design. This cat stroller simply catches anyone’s eye!

When your strolling adventure is over, you can simply fold this stroller in several seconds. The Smart-Fold mechanism will spare you from annoying struggles when trying to fold it.

Oxgord Cat Stroller

Want to take your cat outside for an enjoyable stroll, but you’re looking for a less pricey solution? This rose wine cat stroller by Oxgord offers you a great balance between the price and the quality.

The product meets the highest safety standards, so it provides a safe and pleasant stroll for your pet. Some great features that maximize the comfort for your feline baby are multiple mesh windows and a cozy mat. Mesh windows create a pleasant, airy cabin, but also keep annoying insects and bugs away. The cozy pad will make your cat feel comfortable while napping along the way.

This three-wheeled cat stroller is very light so it’s easy to maneuver and easy to assemble using a single hand fold. Very easy storage is a great advantage for those who tend to use a cat stroller on a daily basis.

Rear security brakes, large storage compartments, seat belts leash and cup holders – these great features guarantee an enjoyable ride for yourself.

The waterproof rain hood is easily cleaned and the stroller is generally easy to handle. What’s more, this Oxgord’s stroller is perfect for jogging with your furry friend, hence the name!

Pet Geat Cat Stroller

If you’re struggling with zippers all the time, this zipper-free cat stroller is one of the most convenient solutions on the market.

Pet Gear offers many different zip-free pet strollers, but this one is double-size with 90-pound capacity! The stroller itself is a little heavier (32 pounds), but it’s perfect for an entire fur-baby family. Regardless you choose a single or a multiple pet stroll, its large interior cabin provides a lot of space.

The dimensions of this sporty cat stroller are 27 in. L x 20 in. W x 23 in. H. Pet’s collars will keep your pet secure inside the stroller.

A plush bolster pad creates an extra comfort during rides, while water-resistant cover will keep your pet safe even in bad weather. Air tires guarantee an enjoyable and smooth ride, even on a rough terrain and bumpy streets or sidewalks.

The product is available in two unusual, yet captivating colors – pine green and boysenberry.

Besides the regular hassle with zipper, another convenient feature is an ergonomic handle. This innovative design will make you feel comfortable during long strolls. Besides, the additional and very useful features such as cup holders, storage baskets, one-hand fold mechanism, quick lock rear foot brake, maximize the convenience as well.

Vivo cat stroller

If you’re looking for a sturdy, durable and secure cat stroller, this might be a great choice. Vivo Four Wheel Pet Stroller is suitable for any pet weighing up to 30 lbs. Or, since it’s quite spacious (19” x 12” x 19”), this stroller is designed to carry more than one pet.

This easily foldable pet stroller comes in various colors – from black, through light green to orange and purple, and you can even purchase the pink one with white polka dots!

It includes three easy-open zipper access points, with minimal chance of zipper-related hassles. The super-comfortable and cozy interior is padded with foam cushions. The stroller also features a mesh window, which prevents your cat from escaping or jumping out of the stroller. This mesh provides a proper ventilation, breathability and a great visibility as well.

The top of this durable cat stroller has a small window and removable canopy that allows you to keep an eye of your feline baby.

Some extra features included are dual cup holders, a center tray for storing personal belongings or pet items, and a large under-basket as an additional storage space. With the secure lock on the rear wheels, you’ll be quite sure that you’ll find your cat stroller where you’ve left it.


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