And so begins the search for competitive products in the market, the first search could only be “Best Cat Tree”. This is certainly not a new industry, with lots of entrenched brands already in the marketplace for many years. We needed to make sure we do a detailed analysis of the product offerings out there. We also knew we wanted to create a blog about the current offerings, but didn’t have a lot of time ourselves. We decided to hire a blog article writing company to help us prepare a 1500 word blog about the top selling cat trees in the market currently. The pre-requisites were that they could not duplicate the same brand multiple times on this list, and could not restrict the list strictly to Amazon sales. There are just too many blogs out there on the same topic, and it was repetitive. However it can’t be denied that Amazon is the biggest marketplace in the world, so we just asked the company to find part of the findings from Amazon and the other half from Petsmart.  We hired the cheapest writer we could just so we could get the baseline research out of the way and this is what they found and the article they wrote. If anyone is interested in the writing company we used we are happy to share, but we don’t think they are good enough to provide a link here. We were barely satisfied with the result, but we will accept it.

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Best Cat Tree in the Market 2017

If you have had to bring your feline friend back from the top of the kitchen closet, you must have noticed how relaxed and cozy he or she is at that resting place. Cats love to stay perched on poles and walls because it gives them a status. Humans live in a horizontal world whereas cats rely on elevated spots for comfort, safety, and fun.

So buying a cat tree for your feline friend shouldn’t be a bad idea. If you have more than one cat, a cat tree should be a good way to maintain peace in the house. Since cats look for safety on perches, a cat tree would be ideal for timid cats. In short, cat trees create a small space for your feline friend to enjoy their own personal time.

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Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo Model

Now we get why this would be the number one seller on Amazon. You get a lot of “tree” for the price. The 72″ high Go Pet Club Tree Condo comes with three perches, two toy mice, and two condos. This cat tree provides plenty of room for your cats to lounge and play. Featuring 10 sisal covered posts, there are many options for both climbing and scratching. The large size would be also ideal for multi-cat homes, giving each cat their own place. 

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Songmics Large Cat Tree Condo

This cat tree comes with rimmed soft perches to provide a comfortable place to your cat for lounging and relaxing. The heavy-duty base keeps the structure solid and sturdy, and the safety strap prevents the cat tree from toppling. The top edges of the structure prevent your feline friend from sliding off. The sisal covered posts and climbing pad are ideal for cats that scratch and rub. Featuring two large condo houses, these cat trees can accommodate cats of all sizes. Go for this multi-level cat tree to provide your cat a nice space to enjoy, climb and explore.

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Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo

This cat tree model is among the highest-selling cat trees on the market. Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo comes in various sizes, heights, and colors. The smallest model measures about 50 inches and the largest measures 60 inches in height. These models are usually tall but have a thin bottom. The compact size is favorable for installation in apartments and condos. The six standard platforms of these cat trees are great for cats who love bouncing, climbing and sleeping. These models are the best way to keep your cat entertained and maintain peace in the house if you have many cats.

Trixie Carla Cat Tree

Trixie Carla Cat Tree features a sturdy sisal-wrapped scratching board, padded platforms, multiple scratching posts, plush-lined penthouse condo, and a pom-pom toy. This cat tree is ideal for cats of all ages and comes with easy-to-follow instructions for quick assembly and installation. The plush fabric exterior gives these cat trees an amazing look. The MDF Wood construction ensures that these structures last longer. Measuring 5.75″ in length, 15.75″ in width, and 40.75’’ in height, these cat trees can fit the interiors of all kinds of houses. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about cleaning them. You can wipe away dirt and stains using a damp cloth without spoiling the material. 

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Kitty Mansions Boston Cat Tree

This cat tree has everything a cat tree should provide: a bedroom, tunnel, hammock, rope, ladder, and scratching platforms and pads. This is an all-encompassing cat tree that provides the ultimate comfort to your feline friend. If your cat is a scratcher, perhaps the sisal posts will keep its claws in control, thus keeping your furniture safe. Featuring a hanging basket, these cat trees provide a perfect space to your cat for lounging and relaxing. The plywood construction does not add to its weight. The easy-to-follow instruction manual makes assembly quick and hassle-free. Your cat is will simply fall in love with this perch.

Whisker City® Cat Tree

This cat tree is simply perfect for your kitty; it provides a nice lounging space and playing area to your little feline. Featuring plush surfaces and a durable scratching carpet, the cat tree is ideal for multiple cats. Whether your feline friend wants to nap or play, this cat tree provides the necessary comfort. The cat tree also has a cat toy to keep your cat entertained and engaged at all times. Measuring 23 inches in length, 20 inches in width and 58 inches in height, this cat tree provides a nice little haven for your cat to play, sleep, lounge and relax.

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BestPet Cat Tree Scratcher

Measuring 24 inches in length, 22 inches in width and 73 inches in height, these cat trees are ideal for installation in all homes. The model provides a nice place to your cat for exercising, exploring, scratching, and relaxing. You can ensure complete safety of your clothes, drapes and furniture because the sisal rope of this cat tree provides a good scratching surface to your cat. The rope also prevents the condo from shaking and your cat from sliding off.  The E1 Grade Pressed Wood construction of this cat tree ensures long-lasting functionality.

FurHaven Tiger Tough Cat Tree

This amazing cat tree from FurHaven features two separate cat condos, a dangling toy, a cat-IQ busy box, and sisal scratching posts, enough to keep your cat engaged and entertained at all times. Measuring 19.7” x 19.7” x 69.3″, the cat tree can easily fit in your house. The plush fabric gives the structure an elegant look. The sisal rope ensures that your cat gets good scratch training by keeping it away from your furniture, clothes and drapes. This multi-level cat tree can be cleaned with a damp cloth, thus eliminating high maintenance costs. Your feline friend will simply fall in love with this double-decker playground.

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