11 Best Cat Beds Even Their Owners Would be Jealous Of [Buying Guide]

Ketter Luxury Designer Cat Bed

As cat owners know full well, cats sometimes find the oddest places to sleep. Often you can find your feline friend huddled up in a cardboard box, or perhaps even sleeping in your laundry basket. If you don’t own a cat bed this is going to happen.

Thankfully it’s simple to keep your cat from sneaking into your drawers just to take nap.

In today’s post, we reveal our list of the best designer cat beds which are all hand selected by our team of modern cat owners. This list quickly allows you to select a stylish designer bed for your beloved cat.

Having a cat bed will keep your cat off the furniture

Our cats, just like every other member of the family, deserve a bed to call their own. A safe secure place they know is just for them. And by giving them that personal place in the house, it also tends to keep them from trying to make their own space by knocking over the items on the bookshelf.

Show your personal style

Look, most modern cat owners understand that purchasing accessories or furniture for their pets has a large effect on the living space and environment for everyone in the home, even the humans.

And although your local Walmart may have rows and rows of inexpensive generic “pet” beds to choose from (usually just repurposed dog beds), we feel just like for humans, the bed is perhaps the most personal piece of furniture you could own.

It’s likely that your cat will have this bed for many years to come, so it is important to choose something that not only fits the personality of the cat but also matches that of the cat owner.

Searching the internet will turn up some pretty generic results at first glance. So we have taken the time to delve a little deeper and find some beds that are not so generic and bottom line hideous.

We have found some amazing options from cheap to luxury, and from quirky to designer. Check out our list of some modern cat beds that will allow your cat to rest in style.

Luxury Cat Beds

Budget Cat Beds

pawz road cat bed

Pawz Road Cat Bed

shark cat bed

Shark Cat Bed

Although this shark cat bed is not new, we don’t think any cat bed list would be complete without it. Its fun, cute, novelty nature has made it hugely popular over the years and social media can still not get enough of it. Be prepared for an onslaught of likes as soon as you post an image of this bed.

Heated Cat Bed

Normally at Pacific Tail we would only recommend products that are always conscious, however, in this particular product we believe the function outweighs the design. The K&H heated cat bed is thermostatically controlled to warm to your cat’s body temperature. Ideal for cold winter nights or maybe your kitty just loves the warmth.

heated cat bed
outdoor heated cat bed

Outdoor Heated Cat Bed

This weatherproof outdoor heated cat bed by K&H Manufacturing is the perfect for barns, sheds, garages or anywhere your cat might hang out. Its made of foam and comes with a fleece cover for the ultimate comfort and warmth.

crochet cat bed

Bonus: Crochet Cat Bed (Giant Knit)

This giant knit crochet cat bed is the newest rage online. It first got popular from handmade craft marketplaces like Etsy, however now its made its way over to the mainstream. We love the unique, over the top, giant knit that just glows comfort, style, and luxury.



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