Petfusion cat scratcher

Is your cat’s boredom conflicting with your brand-new décor? A cat scratcher or cat tree may be the answers to your upholstery woes. Check out this list of the best cat scratchers and cat trees to combat boredom or stress, and to allow your kitty some much-appreciated fun and exercise.

13Pioneer Pet Smartcat The Ultimate Scratching Post

Smartcat Ulimate Cat Scratch Post

The first on our list is the Ultimate Scratching Post by Smartcat. Although this product has been on the market for a very long time, and at times it’s dated design shows, it still reigns at the best selling cat scratcher available on Amazon.

This sturdy cat scratching post stands 32 inches high to allow even the largest cat to get a full vertical stretch. Your cat won’t be able to resist sinking its claws into the durable sisal rope wrapped all the way around the sleek 1 level design.  The woven sisal is designed to last so you get long-lasting scratching and territorial marking.

Its beige in color and has beautiful wood tones to allow it to blend into the décor in any room. We’d like to see more color options, however, that doesn’t seem to deter its happy customers.

Even better, it’s easy to assemble with only two screws. For added stability, this scratching post comes with a 16”x16” wide base and weighs just over 17 pounds. You can tell the build materials are top quality.  Although it’s probably not great for climbing, at just under 40 bucks, this budget-friendly cat scratching post serves its purpose without breaking the bank.

12Sofa-Scratcher Cat Scratching Post & Couch-Corner / Furniture Protector

Sofa Scratcher Cat Scratching Post

The Sofa-Scratcher is perfect for those cats who target furniture. The brilliant cat scratching post comes in 2 styles – perfect for your rounded arm sofa, or your modern sofa with square arms. It can be used on front or rear corners of your couch, or all 4 corners if you have a mischievous bunch. Whichever contour style you chose, the 24”x 10” panel will be covered in high quality, toxic-free, woven sisal fabric to encourage or redirect scratching. The back of the panel is covered in carpet to protect from scratching or damaging furniture corners.

What’s the best aspect to the Sofa-Scratcher? – The array of colors to choose from…nine to be exact. You’re bound to find one to match at least closely to your upholstery. Another great thing- the translucent base will not interfere with your gorgeous tile, hardwood or perfectly chosen carpet. The hardware is hidden and you’ll see no glue on this quality cat scratching post. 

You won’t have to worry about this cat scratcher wobbling or tipping over. The thin 8”x10” base slides easily under the leg of your sofa or chair so it wont budge. The base is super thin so you won’t feel tilted or lopsided while you lounge in your furniture. Its lightweight at only 7 lbs. to make it easy to adjust and move as needed.

This modern cat scratcher is a game changer if your cat is an aggressive scratcher and with its amazing price point, it’s a no brainer!

midwest curious cat cube

Does your cat love boxes? Seriously, what cat doesn’t? Make your cats dreams come true with a box like MidWest Curious Cat Cube cat condo and scratcher to call home. The Cat Cube is a steal at just under 50 dollars! Despite its price this cat house has it all.

It’s a cozy double cat house complete with synthetic sheepskin bedding that a kitty or two can warm up in. A soft bolstered bed sits on top of the perch to keep their curiosity stirring, which is also great to use for multiple cats. This top bed can be removed and used in a separate space if desired.  Along the side of the small version, there’s an array of toys and holes to spark their interest. Not to be forgotten is the three-tiered version which includes an entire side dedicated to a sisal cat scratcher.

This modern cat scratcher IS a box. It’s quick and easy to assemble…or pop up, there’s even a video to help you. When you’re ready to put it away simply break it back down for simple storage.  With multiple colors to chose from and two price points to meet your budget you’re bound to find one that meets your kitty’s needs.

10QuickSnap Replaceable Cat Scratcher by Feline Innovations

quicksnap cat scratcher

This fun QuickSnap cat scratcher has a unique two-in-one toy design for your feline. Its exciting arch shape is sure to keep your high energy guy busy. The low profile allows your cat to climb on top for optimal scratching pleasure or even sit beside it and get a good stretch going while scratching. The ½ inch thick wood can support up to a 30lb. kitty! That’s durability my friends.

While the top is all about the big guys, the hammock below the arch is not ideal for large cats. However, it is perfect for kitten play time, a small adult cat-nap or toy storage.  The versatility makes it a great option for your kitten to grow into, or a fantastic toy for a mama kitty and her litter.

This cat scratcher features the patent pending Quicksnap feature. Once your scratch pad gets worn, simply remove the old and quickly snap on a replacement. When you buy your scratcher, you’ll receive one sisal scratch pad already attached. When you’re ready for a new pad, you can choose from a sisal, carpet or seagrass replacement scratch pads. The pads are durable and made to last, so it may be cost saving compared to buying a new scratching post.

This moderately priced, super lightweight non-bulky scratcher is easy to move from place to place. The beautiful wood finish and neutral pad color ensures this cat scratcher will look great in any room.

9Pawaboo Cat Scratcher Tunnel Cat House

Pawaboo Cat Scratcher

The Pawaboo cardboard cat scratcher is adorable and multi-functional. First, it’s a cat scratching post to help satisfy your cats needs scratch and claw. The dense cardboard could wear down the sharp points on your cat’s nails and keep them from getting too long. Its accordion style allows you to shape this scratcher into a tunnel to let multiple cats run through or you can lay the back down and make a cozy cat house.

This product is also eco-friendly. Yay! It’s made from recycled corrugated cardboard from 100% honeycomb paper. The honeycomb paper allows for maximum durability to hold up to scratching and strong enough to hold a cat up to 22lbs. The paper allows for ventilation, and it’s a great place to add treats. Using the provided cat nip to really get your cat going.

Finally, this dual cat scratcher and house can fold up for storage or travel. Making it perfect for small homes or cats who frequently board. Its neutral in color so not to draw attention away from décor but also has a cute cat shaped door for added charm. This cardboard cat scratcher is low priced, easy to assemble and with the environmentally conscious build, is a win-win for you and your kitty.

Sauder Sphere Cat Scratcher

This next cat tower is an investment and rightfully so as it is a thing of beauty. It has a dark brown wood and wicker finish with a woven banana leaf sphere, Its love.  At just under 44 inches tall its Danish, almost futuristic design will draw in the attention of more than just your cat. The natural wood and neutral sphere color will allow this cat tree to blend into any color scheme. Maintain the clean-cut look of this modern cat condo by easily throwing the cushion in the washing machine.

The Sauder Sphere Cat Scratcher offers two holes so your feline friend can access the bed from the top or the side. Felix will be inspired to scratch the one leg on the tripod base that is wrapped in sisal rope. The only critique here is the missed opportunity to provide a cat scratching post on each of the tripod legs. A second lounging area is a carpeted base that helps add stability to this modern cat tree. A must since your kitty can only access the top with a jump. Does your cat need something to bat around? This area can also be used as a play area with the provided hanging toy.

Petacc cat scratcher

Calling all crazy cat ladies! The name says it all, the Petacc Multifunctional Cat Climbing House. If you have a multi-cat household or a large kitty this is the best cat tree ever. There’s room for everyone to have their own space without bothering each other. If your cats don’t always get along, this may be a life saver for you and your felines.

Listen- its large, and the leopard print is anything but neutral. But hey, nothing but the best for our spoiled kitties. It looks somewhat complex to put together but if you organize all your pieces first, you’ve got this. Once its finished its sure to please.

There’s a tower to climb to help keep your kitties active and healthy. A cat house for those don’t-bother-me-till-its-time-to-eat types. A cozy hammock and a plush mat that should, of course, have a window view. It has ramps made of oxford cloth and a hanging toy ball for kittens or otherwise high energy kitties to play for hours. Lastly, a scratching post to save your upholstery and allow and encourage your cats instinctive nail scratching.

This would be a great cat tree for large cats as it has the room to move around and explore that other cat scratchers and toys don’t. Its structure is high quality PVC to ensure a safe and stable play experience for even heavier cats.

Play cat scratcher

This P.L.A.Y Arty cat scratcher is another investment piece. It multifaceted unique design allows It to double as both a lounge area and a scratching activity center. The contemporary shape allows your cat to lay inside the U- shaped over hang or on the insert. Turn it over to create a tunnel, flip the entire piece on its side for another experience, the options are endless.

These moveable options also allow you to “trick” your cat into thinking he’s received a new scratching post with every move. With the versatile shape your cat can find different angles and textures to work out its scratching needs. He can even get his back nails going on all the surfaces.

To minimize a mess the high-quality fibers are designed to help prevent fiber shedding around the home. This durability also allows for a Lasting cost-effective scratching and lounging experience.

Get more bang for your buck by separating the two pieces to allow a scratching post and lounge area in multiple rooms.  This modern cat scratcher can complement your décor with either the Chocolate or Mandarin color options. The Arty Cat Scratcher is made of FDA certified corrugated recycled paper to ease your mind about environmental impact.

Miglio Cat Scratcher

What a deal! This bargain Milio Design cardboard cat scratcher meets lounger is perfect for cat lovers on a budget. You can even afford one for every room! Don’t be fooled by the price, this scratcher is money well spent with tightly weaved corrugated cardboard that’s built to last. It combines form and function with its innovative design.

The curved shape allows for a comfortable spot for even a mature kitty scratch. The low profile would be great for kittens just learning to scratch. The raised edges allow for a little tension against the nails to keep your feline engaged.

This small cat scratcher will fit conveniently in any space, especially under a side table to direct scratching to itself and away from your beloved sofa. At around 5 lbs. you can easily move it as needed. The neutral color won’t throw off the look of the room, if you even notice it.

Have pride in your environmentally friendly purchase as this product is made in Poland from 100% recyclable materials.

4Catit Design Home Decorative Scratcher with Replaceable Sleeve

Catit design cat scratcher

This contemporary Catit Design cat scratching post has a unique design where form meets function. First, it serves as a decorative accent piece in your home. Its natural tones met with the metallic finish of the base are sure to be a talking point with any home style.

Second, it’s a modern cat scratching post that will keep your cat engaged. Its unique shape allows your cat to get a few different scratching angles. The woven paper will entice your furry friend’s natural scratching instincts. Even better, each replacement sleeve is made of eco-friendly paper. Yay! Don’t throw this scratching post out once the paper is worn, simply buy a replacement paper sleeve. Another yay!

The moderately priced scratcher gives you, even more, bang for your buck with its versatility. Have a kitten or high energy kitty? Great! – There’s a wild looking accessory piece you can purchase to add some extra fun. And, by adding another 13 inches in height, you get some extra visual interest to this scratching post. The accessory is made of wood and acrylic, with a hanging sisal toys to get your pet in the playful spirit. This super affordable accessory will fit any Catit Design decorative cat scratchers.

4claws cat scratcher

This cardboard 4Claws cat scratching post has an innovative design that’s sure to please.

It’s designed for small spaces or hard to reach areas. If your cat scratches the back of your sofa or chair, this cat scratching post is for you. It’s use of vertical spaces means you can get a large scratcher that doesn’t take up too much room.  Its form allows it to sit next to any wall even behind furniture, so it’s discreet.

Don’t worry about it falling over in a hard to reach place – its wall mountable. It includes stainless steel mounting hooks, complete with adhesive for hassle free installation and replacement. Check those hooks out closely, they’re adorable kitty shapes. Plus, its sturdy enough to withstand your cats weight against it so they can stretch those muscles.

Made from durable cardboard, it will withstand your cat’s natural instincts to scratch and save you money on replacements. This cardboard cat scratcher is budget friendly at under 30 bucks and if you purchase a few, you get a discount!  Even better, that cardboard is 100% recyclable so its eco-friendly!

Catastrophic cat scratcher 1

If cats are life then this next and final cat tree is for you. This wall mounted cat tree by Catastrophic Creations is semi-permanent but who care’s if the cats in your life love it.

This unique cat tree is heavy duty, safe and great for multiple cat households. The hammocks can hold up to 62 pounds and the shelves up to 85 pounds – that’s a lot of cat. All furniture comes with sturdy brackets attached for your convenience and if you mount it into studs as directed you’ll have no worries about it slipping out of the wall.

Exercise becomes fun when this is your play place. Running up the ladder and jumping through the different levels is sure to entice your feline. When its time to wind down he will love snuggling up in a fabric hammock for his afternoon nap. If your kitty needs to work out his scratching instincts somewhere, look no further than the sisal lined hole. He can get a good stretch by accessing it from the bottom level or lounge as he scratches from the top.

This modern cat tree is beautiful and functional. Its neutral fabric and rich handcrafted wood will compliment any room. The Deluxe Cat Playplace is an investment but worth every penny to give your cat a home away from dog.

Petfusion cat scratcher

This multi-purpose Petfusion cardboard cat scratcher is fantastic. It’s a lounger, a scratcher, and couch saver. Its design makes for a comfy lounging spot for any feline. It’s large so it makes a great lounger for larger kitties. Place the lounge in front of a window and you’ll make your cats day. At 34 inches long its great for multi-cat households.

Your kitty can sit on top for a 4-paw scratching experience, the holes created by the form can serve as a hiding spot for small cats, or hide toys inside for added fun.  Add the included premium organic catnip and your cat won’t be able to resist this scratcher. Your couch with thank you.

The value is second to none with this cardboard cat scratcher. It’s made with high quality cardboard and constructed and glued piece by piece so it lasts. Its true, there are claims of this scratcher lasting over a year.  There’s a large surface for ample scratching space even for a big cat.  Once your kitty has scratched out the upward side, simply flip it over for a fresh new scratching area.

You’ll love this Ultimate Cat Scratcher because it’s made with recycled cardboard and non-toxic glue, making it a safe play space for your kitty. Even featured on Animal Planet and winning a 2015 Eco-Excellence Award! It’s neutral and sleek so it won’t throw off your décor and any of the three color options will be interesting enough for any room.  The price is great for all that you get, you can’t afford to pass it up.


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