How long do cats live

How Long Do Cats Live?

There are numerous stories online about cats that have lived to their 20’s and even 30’s. In England, the Daily Mail ran an eye-catching piece about a cat that was 24 years old believed...
When do cats stop growing

When Do Cats Stop Growing? [Cat Growth Visual Chart]

There are three main stages of growth for cats.Kittens - The first stage of cat growth is between 0-4 months is considered the most important time for not only growth and personality development,...
Keter Designer Cat Bed

Keter Designer Cat Bed – Cozy Pet Home

Today's modern cat owner is faced with a style problem. Cat furniture is a necessity in the home but often the options available are usually generic poorly designed options sold at the cheapest possible...
poisonous plants to cats

12 Poisonous Plants To Cats That You Need To Know [Guide]

Cats love exploring different places whether it is inside a home or outside. They are naturally attracted to plants to play with or sometimes chew or even taking a bite or two. This is why if you own a cat, it is very important to learn about what kind of plants your can be poisonous to your cat.
cat with flower crown

Cat With Flower Crown

Are you looking for a cat with flower crown? Cats love playing with flowers so its usually hard to get a cat to wear a flower crown but we found a cat with this talent! Meet Noseneko. They are a family of 6 cats located in Iwate prefecture in Japan.
Christmas cat Kagoneko

Christmas Cats by Noseneko aka Kagoneko

Can you believe it’s December in 3 months? December is such a magical month and with cats, it’s even better! We have been following Noseneko and Kagoneko for years now. Their Christmas videos are one of our favorite Christmas cat videos of all time!
cat silhouette

7 Cat Silhouette & Minimalistic Tattoos For a Cat Lover

It is well known that cats were once worshipped and treasured by ancient Egyptians. They painted murals of cats, honoured with lavish gifts and worshipped cats.  However, throughout history, cats lost their royal status to...dogs. Dogs are just as awesome but recently cats are beginning to make a comback. Do you love cats? Are you looking for a cute cat tattoo? Here are some of our favourite cat silhouette tattoos!
Christmas Cats

Christmas Cats

There can be nothing more adorable in this world than a Merry Christmas Cat!

Sushi For Cats: Watch this chef make sushi for his cats

Watch this master chef make sushi for his cats, including protein based rice and even the wasabi.

Searching for the best cat tree in the market

And so begins the search for competitive products in the market, the first search could only be "Best Cat Tree". This is certainly not a new industry, with lots of entrenched brands already in the marketplace for many years. We needed to make sure we do a detailed analysis of the product offerings out there.