Ketter Luxury Designer Cat Bed

11 Best Cat Beds Even Their Owners Would be Jealous Of [Buying Guide]

As cat owners know full well, cats sometimes find the oddest places to sleep. Often you can find your feline friend huddled up in a cardboard box, or perhaps even sleeping in your laundry...
Penn Plax Lavish Infinity Cat Bed

Penn Plax Lavish Infinity Cat Bed

We think you will agree with us when we say that we have had enough with cheap, low-quality cat furniture. We just won't accept the poor design, poor engineering and poor quality of the...
Twin Critters Cat Bed Main

Twin Critters Handcrafted Cat Bed

I'm sure you will agree with us when we say that most cat furniture available in the marketplace seems generic and boring. There just doesn't seem any unique way for today's modern cat owner...
Vesper v lounge designer cat bed

Vesper V-Lounge

Modern cat owners know that cats are demanding creatures, but so are the cat owners themselves. But when it comes to cat furniture it seems that most of the time our demands are not...
Penn Plax Luxury Cat Bed Lounger

Penn Plax Luxury Cat Bed Lounger

The modern cat owner deserves more choices in this world when it comes to cat furniture. These pieces of furniture are not strictly for the enjoyment of our cats only, but they also play...
Keter Designer Cat Bed

Keter Designer Cat Bed – Cozy Pet Home

Today's modern cat owner is faced with a style problem. Cat furniture is a necessity in the home but often the options available are usually generic poorly designed options sold at the cheapest possible...


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