best cat stroller

7 Of The Best Cat Strollers for your Feline Babies

Do cats like riding in strollers? The answer is yes! Once you purchase a cat stroller, believe us, your feline baby will be so happy. A cat stroller is a modern and innovative solution...
Petfusion cat scratcher

13 Best Cat Scratching Post That Will Keep Your Cat’s Claws At Bay

Is your cat’s boredom conflicting with your brand-new décor? A cat scratcher or cat tree may be the answers to your upholstery woes. Check out this list of the best cat scratchers and cat...
How long do cats live

How Long Do Cats Live?

There are numerous stories online about cats that have lived to their 20’s and even 30’s. In England, the Daily Mail ran an eye-catching piece about a cat that was 24 years old believed...
When do cats stop growing

When Do Cats Stop Growing? [Cat Growth Visual Chart]

There are three main stages of growth for cats.Kittens - The first stage of cat growth is between 0-4 months is considered the most important time for not only growth and personality development,...
KH-EZ-Mount-Cat Window Perch

9 Best Cat Window Perches You Can Get On Amazon

I'm sure you will agree with us when we say that cats love windows. The cat was never meant to become an indoor animal until it was domesticated. That is part of the reason...
videos for cats to watch

12 Of The Most ADDICTIVE Videos For Cats

Seeing our cats entertained is an adorable sight we just can’t get enough of, and when the cats are glued the screen watching, we just can't help but smile. Videos for cats have become...
kawaii cat

Kawaii Cat Culture – A Global Pop Culture Phenomenon

A New Generation of Kawaii Cat Culture The Japanese word Kawaii is often simply defined as cute. However kawaii is much more than just cute.Kawaii is a global pop culture phenomenon expanding far beyond the...
Ketter Luxury Designer Cat Bed

11 Best Cat Beds Even Their Owners Would be Jealous Of [Buying Guide]

As cat owners know full well, cats sometimes find the oddest places to sleep. Often you can find your feline friend huddled up in a cardboard box, or perhaps even sleeping in your laundry...

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