kawaii cat

Kawaii Cat Culture – A Global Pop Culture Phenomenon

A New Generation of Kawaii Cat Culture The Japanese word Kawaii is often simply defined as cute. However kawaii is much more than just cute.Kawaii is a global pop culture phenomenon expanding far beyond the...
cat with flower crown

Cat With Flower Crown

Are you looking for a cat with flower crown? Cats love playing with flowers so its usually hard to get a cat to wear a flower crown but we found a cat with this talent! Meet Noseneko. They are a family of 6 cats located in Iwate prefecture in Japan.
kawaii cat noseneko

Kawaii Cat Noseneko aka Kagoneko

If you are often on social media, you have probably seen pictures or videos of this team of kawaii cat before. They are known as Nose-neko or Kago-neko.