poisonous plants to cats

12 Poisonous Plants To Cats That You Need To Know [Guide]

Cats love exploring different places whether it is inside a home or outside. They are naturally attracted to plants to play with or sometimes chew or even taking a bite or two. This is why if you own a cat, it is very important to learn about what kind of plants your can be poisonous to your cat.
kawaii cat noseneko

Kawaii Cat Noseneko aka Kagoneko

If you are often on social media, you have probably seen pictures or videos of this team of kawaii cat before. They are known as Nose-neko or Kago-neko.
Christmas cat Kagoneko

Christmas Cats by Noseneko aka Kagoneko

Can you believe it’s December in 3 months? December is such a magical month and with cats, it’s even better! We have been following Noseneko and Kagoneko for years now. Their Christmas videos are one of our favorite Christmas cat videos of all time!
cat silhouette

7 Cat Silhouette & Minimalistic Tattoos For a Cat Lover

It is well known that cats were once worshipped and treasured by ancient Egyptians. They painted murals of cats, honoured with lavish gifts and worshipped cats.  However, throughout history, cats lost their royal status to...dogs. Dogs are just as awesome but recently cats are beginning to make a comback. Do you love cats? Are you looking for a cute cat tattoo? Here are some of our favourite cat silhouette tattoos!