cat silhouette
cat silhouette

It is well known that cats were once worshipped and treasured by ancient Egyptians. They painted murals of cats, honoured with lavish gifts and worshipped cats.  However, throughout history, cats lost their royal status to…dogs. Dogs are just as awesome but recently cats are beginning to make a comback. Do you love cats? Are you looking for a cute cat tattoo? Here are some of our favourite cat silhouette tattoos!

“In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.”

Terry  Pratchett

#1. This small cat silhouette

cat silhouette

#2. Black cat silhouette

cat silhouette

#3. Black cat silhouette with red bowtie

black cat silhouette

#4. Cat infinity sign ∞

cat silhouette infinity sign

#5. Cat semicolon ;

cat silhouette semicolon

#6. When you are married to your cat

cat silhouette

#7. Cat whiskers tattoo

cat whiskers tattoo by pacific tail pets


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