Turning a passion into a living and earn money online? Ya, I know it sounds like some sort of get rich scheme or maybe a multi-level marketing scam right? Well, this isn’t. And before I lose your interest let me just tell you right now the purpose of this blog, this website, this company and this project. What I’m going to do is break down each and every step I take to launching a products company from conception to launching it online. My plan is to write a blog a week where  I’m going to show you every thought process, every plan, and every action I take. I’m going to reveal every supplier, how much they cost, every mistake I make, and every lesson learned. Why? I think there are a few reasons.

  1. As a serial entrepreneur, my friends and colleagues have always been interested in I how started so many businesses, and I figure perhaps more people might like to know.
  2. I think that starting a company in today’s highly competitive and globalized marketplace now demands more than just a slick brand or a cheap price. There is so much blood sweat and tears that go into a company or product launch, and that can’t always be communicated in a website or logo. With this transparency, I hope to engage people on a personal level and build a connection as I take them on this journey.
  3. I believe truly believe that any person in this world can take control of their own destiny (a bit cheesy I know),  and achieve the freedoms that truly enrich their lives. The best one I’ve found is being able to work from home side by side with my wife. I hope this project is successful, and I hope I can inspire others to do the same.
  4. Why even try to develop a product or company without feedback from your potential customers and fans? Involve them in the process, and let the world community shape the company is it should be.

Why should you care what I have to say?  Well, I think it appropriate here now to insert a bit of credential so that you understand that there is a bit of history and knowledge behind these blogs.

Now I’m not sure I’m quite ready yet to reveal my personal name here yet. Not for any secretive reasons, but maybe I’m a little shy. And really my purpose here is not to build up my own personal reputation or name. So instead I can just talk about and show you a few companies I have launched in the past.

The most notable company I started, mostly because of the licensing deals, was the Round 5 Corporation. It was a company that designed, manufactured and produced licensed toys and collectibles. We held a variety of licenses at the time, but the most notable would be the master licenses for both the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) as well as Bruce Lee.

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I was 29 years old, running a boutique design creative agency. In a purposeful effort to build a business on our hobbies, my brother and I came up with the idea to create UFC action figures. At the time UFC/MMA had not taken off into the mainstream media yet and might have still been considered to be a bit of an underground sport. We decided to seize the opportunity regardless, and decide to launch the business with zero knowledge of toys and collectibles. We were driven completely by our love and passion for MMA. Over the course of the next 8 years, we built the company into a multi-million dollar business with distribution globally at over 5000 retailers both online and brick and mortar including Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Toy R’US.

In the first few years of the growth at the Round 5 Corporation, the quantities of orders rapidly rose. Flying back and forth from Asia and North America would no longer suffice. And out of necessity, I decided to make the permanent move from North America to Asia to set up offices and manage the design and manufacturing supply chain of the business. As a young man with zero experience in manufacturing and no Chinese language ability (at the time), I stepped off that airplane both scared and excited. And from then I worked with tiny factories at first, learning the business from the ground up, the hard way. The business began to flourish and our factories started getting larger, production lines getting bigger, and ultimately my knowledge of product manufacturing in China exponentially grew. So much so that it lead me to start another business called the Bhive Group.

Now you won’t find the Bhive Group anywhere (yet). I still haven’t even created the website yet. However, my depth knowledge of product manufacturing, marketing, and distribution lead a network of contacts seeking my expertise. The Bhive Group began operating as manufacturing agent and consultant, producing a variety of products from clothing, bags, cases, plastic products and pet products for distribution globally and many to online marketplaces like Amazon. This business still operates to this day.

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The serial entrepreneurship doesn’t stop there. There is another handful of businesses, e-commerce stores, and startups I haven’t mentioned yet. But for now, I think it is enough for this first blog.

So I hope that you follow us through this journey, share the experiences, and give us your comments and opinions. I love starting up.


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