FrontPet Felt Cat Bed

frontpet felt cat bed

Well-designed cat furniture under $40usd is few and far between. It seems only the big pet brands can produce product cheap enough, but would rather stick to just repurposing the generic dog bed in different colors.

However, there are a handful of companies that are able to bridge that gap and produce high quality, design-conscious products, at the mass market prices that everyone can afford.

Today we are going to show you one product we think you will love, a simple cat bed that will add a bit of personality to every room at a reasonable price.

Introducing the FrontPet Felt cat bed, a simply styled and elegant cat bed that your cat will just adore. The unique and original design adds a touch of creativity to any room you place it in.

Its light grey neutral color makes it easy to fit into any setting. Made of a high-quality felt material it is soft and light enough to make it easy to manage, yet still stiff enough to maintain its unique shape and withstand the daily wear and tear of usage.

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Frontpet was founded with one goal in mind, to strengthen the bonds between people and their pets. They believe that when you bring a pet into your home you are making them part of your family and we have set out to develop products that make your family members feel safe, comfortable and happy.

FrontPet Felt Cat Bed

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  • COMFORTABLE: Felt cat bed with removable washable cushion that is perfect for your cat or kitten
  • STYLISH: Frontpet's felt cat bed compliments any home and adds style and fashion with a simple and elegant design
  • COZY: Perfect for anywhere in the home. Felt cat pod creates a warm and cozy spot for any sized cat or even small dog!
  • MATERIAL: This soft but rather stiff felt bed retains warmth and is the perfect texture for your cat to rub up against
  • Order Yours Today: Your cat will thank you for their new favorite cat bed!


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