kawaii cat noseneko
kawaii cat noseneko

Unless you can read Japanese, the search for Kawaii cat would probably end in a dead end with little or no results.

Luckily, at Pacific Tail Pets one of our editors is a native Japanese speaker, so we can easily bring you all the kawaii cat info directly from Japan.

In today’s post, we will introduce to you some of the most famed kawaii cats in Japan. In fact, they are a team of cats known as Nose-neko or Kago-neko.

In Japanese, Nose-neko means “On cat” and Kago-neko means “Basket cat”. They are best known for their extreme patience, allowing them to expertly balance things on their head or hands. They are also well known for their love to squeeze into baskets. Although it is common that cats love to sleep in baskets, the adorable cat face they make in the photos will make you understand why they have captured the hearts of their many fans from around the world.

They first started as photo blog starring their oldest cat Shiro, who is the most famous of them all. But their family kept expanding and now you can see the whole family group chilling in baskets or posing with many different adorable things on their head.

Their blog is full of amazing kawaii cat photos but what makes them even special is that they are very festive and great with themes. There is always amazing photos for New Years, Halloween, and Christmas of course, but also Japanese festivals which gives you a unique insight into Japanese holidays and culture.

Meet The Team

kawaii cat shiro

Name: Shiro (シロ)♂

Born: March 8th, 2002

kawaii cat chatora

Name: Chatora (茶トラ)♂

Born: April, 2007

kawaii cat mimi

Name: Mimi (みみ)♂

Born: May, 2012

kawaii cat chibi1

Name: Chibi(ちび)♂

Born: April 2008

kawaii cat chibi 2

Name: Chibi (ちび)♂

Born: April 2008

kawaii cat Kuro

Name: Kuro(くろ)♂

Born:July 2013

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kawaii cat






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