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Seeing our cats entertained is an adorable sight we just can’t get enough of, and when the cats are glued the screen watching, we just can’t help but smile. Videos for cats have become hugely popular with millions of views on Youtube.

Can Cats Actually Watch TV?

The actual level of interest in cat videos and TV can vary from cat to cat. The type of screen they are watching can also affect what they see. Stuff reported that, cats process visual information must faster than humans, so the images on older standard 50Hz television sets will usually appear to be projecting a mind-numbing, garbled flicker. However, on newer LCD TV’s that have 100Hz picture frame rate, and it is likely that cats see the same thing humans do on these screens.

Why Do Cats Love Watching Cat Videos?

Cats clearly simply enjoy the entertainment of insects, birds, squirrels and all sorts of potential prey when watching cat videos.

However, it may be the domestication of the cat itself that has resulted in the cats yearning for this digital window to the outside world.

With growing populations in dense urban cities, the lower maintenance lifestyle of cats has made them ideal pet choices for apartment and city dwellers.

Unfortunately, especially for indoor cats, they sometimes just don’t get enough visual stimulation.

Many homes in cities would have a limited number of windows, and those windows may be difficult to access for cats without the important window perch cat owners sometimes forget about.

While their owners are away for long periods during the day at work, the cats can get quite bored, depressed or stressed out.

Cat Videos Are Beneficial To Cats

Allowing your indoor cat to watch some videos of birds, squirrels, fish or just some silly cat games on the TV screen or iPad, clearly, brings some excitement and joy into their lives. Although this digital stimulation can never replace their natural “hunter” instincts, it does give some easy temporary relief. This simple pleasure can do a lot to reducing stress and depression that can sometimes affect indoor pets.

Luckily there is a wide range of videos for cats to watch on Youtube, and we have compiled a list of our favorites.

Videos For Cats



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